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Happy New Year with Haruka and Tony DVDISO re-releases!

Yo everyone! We start this year off with re-releases of Choukou Sennin Haruka and Heroine Series Kanojo wa Hanayome Kouhosei. We got the DVDISOs of them and re did the encodes. The difference is very noticeable. ^^ We also redid some of the scripts. If we miss stuff still in some of them like typos or whatnot, you can let us know. But it’s most likely cause we were lazy to go back and fix them lol. We’ll have some new and old hentai for you guys this year. Including vol.2 of Triangle Blue and Fukubiki Triangle. We’ll also have some new ones coming out that we want to do as well. Hopefully, we’ll continue to give you good quality the best we can as we do at our anime division. Let’s hope this year rocks. Let’s also hope we get vol. 3 of that Tony series finally. It’s taking for fucking ever!!

We’ll upload all our old releases on torrents again soon. Also, you can get all releases off Disk bot in IRC channel.

Haruka 1-3 h264
Haruka 1-3 xvid
Tony 1-2 h264
Tony 1-2 xvid

Direct downloads
Tony 1 h264
Tony 2 h264
Tony 1 Xvid
Tony 2 Xvid
Haruka 1 h264
Haruka 2 h264
Haruka 3 h264
Haruka 1 xvid
Haruka 2 xvid
Haruka 3 xvid

Tony 1v2 and Heroine Series Kanojo wa Hanayome Kouhosei 2 Released!

Great, we get a miko in this show. And many more. Stay tuned. (After the fact that we didn’t release this even after it was done a long time ago.)
The quality of the video encode is pretty bad for this so if anyone has the dvdiso of it, please contact us.

Episode 1v2 h264
Episode 1v2 xvid
Episode 2 h264
Episode 2 xvid

Direct download links
Patch for 1v1
Episode 1v2 h264
Episode 1v2 xvid
Episode 2 h264
Episode 2 xvid

Changelog in episode 1v2
Saya to Sae

Please try not to re-upload the torrents as it might affect the seeding of the original torrents.

So glad this series is not over yet.

Welcome to Masurenai-subs (sub division and our first release! Tony’s Heroine Series Kanojo wa Hanayome Kouhosei 1 )

Alright, here’s the deal. We have our group that does the kiddy and anime shows then we have this one…our hentai subdivision. lol This was my idea so if anyone has any questions or suggestions, tell me on IRC please. But yeah, I felt like flying out high and doing something for the pervs as well XD. Our first release is with Trash-subs and it’s of course Tony’s Heroine Series Kanojo wa Hanayome Kouhosei 1. Tony Taka is one of my favorite artists and you know as soon as 2 comes out, we’ll be on it. Were gonna try to do our best with this genre as well. Typos and grammar errors we will try to correct when they come around. But for now, enjoy our first release. We have more coming so stay tune. Also, the files will be on our bots in Wasurenai when our buddy gets back or if Teme puts them on his lol. Hit it up!

Tony Kanojo 1 h264

Tony Kanojo 1 Xvid

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