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Cartagra 2 Released!

“See? This is what happens when you mix crazy people with crack! You affect the nuns of the community!”

Alright, so after going through hell after hell to try to fix this problem, we finally figured out it was the company’s fault. Basically, the audio is not synced right with the flap moving of there mouths in this series at some points. We noticed it a little in episode 1 as well. So we went back, got the isos, redid stuff again and still, same problem. So we found out it’s there fault. We wanted to let you guys know that before we got thousands of comments asking why there lips are moving like in thoses Jackie Chan movies…XD Anyways, another project done. We also have a v2 for h264 ep 1 coming out. We typesetted some more things and fixed a few others. So for now, you can grab episode 2 and wait for the xvid, or just wait for our batch right after of both versions..up to you. Haruka 2 will be next hopefully. Then Triangle Blue 2 afterwards. We might also have something ready coming down the road too. Cya in a day or two with the xvid and batch.


Direct downloads
h264 2
xvid 2


Cartagra 1 Released!

Another faceless guy back on the stage. Not to be deceived by his looks, he is a very well-known person for being a foolish guy. Along with the story plot, you will see him being idiotic with the girls and murderers. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn’t be able to get a harem or anything. So, anyone who is looking for such dumb guy, please watch this.

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