Mune Kyun Heartful Cafe 1 released! Mad update!

Yes, we’re doing it too. We had this series planned since like last year. We just was finally able to get to it. Also, it’s the same raw. We just did our best with it. We thought we found the DVDISO once, but naww. So if anyone has it, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to do a v2 with a better raw on this show. Anyways, We’re working on 2 as well. So that’ll be out too sometime. Now here comes a mad update on everything else.

Tony 3: Still waiting on episode 3. So when it shows up, we’re all over it.
Triangle Blue 2: I GOT MY DAMM TLER TO FINALLY TL IT!! About time huh? It’s at timing right now. So we’ll finally finish this series.
Fukubiki 2: It’s at timing and tlc. Just waiting on Enoisph to finish it up so we can get to editing. ^^
Kara no Shoujo: 1 at timing.

Haruka is done it seems as the boxset for all 3 episodes came out. As for going back and fixing the subs, I’ll do it when I have time for final, FINAL, release. We also have a new hentai series we’re doing as one of my TLers wants to do it. It’s pretty old and never got done. So I’ll let you know what it is when he wants to say it. Sorry for the long delay. Just got busy at our anime division. Which we still are btw. Anyways, enjoy. More news soon.

Mune 1 H264
Mune 1 xvid

Direct downloads
Mune 1 h264
Mune 1 xvid


  • By Rebate_War, April 2, 2011 @ 3:39 pm

    Oh nice, the raw is awful, isn’t it? Epic glitches in the audio/video, and the corners had seem to be cut in the production. Lulz insured when the pigs in Chiori-chan’s room change colour and move around the place!

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