We back somewhat lol. Dream Hunter Rem Original Hentai Ep. 1 released!

dream hunter rem

So it’s been awhile right? We been busy with our anime department so we haven’t had alot of time to come back here. Not to mention we need to finish two more series lol. We will get those done don’t worry. In the meantime, we present to you the Original 1985 adult version of dream Hunter Rem. This was the version that was done before the fans liked the show and ask the producers to lay back on the hentai. The show then became ecchi afterwards. Ondeed and his group have already started releasing the series with this same episode but the redone, non-hentai version. That one has all new VAs, soundtracks, new scenes and even another episode. If you guys want the full details to what I mean, go here: http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=1522 For now, please enjoy this version that has never been released before until now. Thanks to H-share.net for the raw. We will get to Triangle Blue vol 2 and Mune Cafe Vol. 2 when we can ^_^. We are in the process of collecting all our Masurenai releases we done so far to add to our bots. If anyone has all our releases(xvids and v2s from batches included)please contact us in the comments are shoutbox. Enjoy!

Dream hunter rem 18+ ep. 1

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Rem 18+ ep. 1