Happy New Year with Haruka and Tony DVDISO re-releases!

Yo everyone! We start this year off with re-releases of Choukou Sennin Haruka and Heroine Series Kanojo wa Hanayome Kouhosei. We got the DVDISOs of them and re did the encodes. The difference is very noticeable. ^^ We also redid some of the scripts. If we miss stuff still in some of them like typos or whatnot, you can let us know. But it’s most likely cause we were lazy to go back and fix them lol. We’ll have some new and old hentai for you guys this year. Including vol.2 of Triangle Blue and Fukubiki Triangle. We’ll also have some new ones coming out that we want to do as well. Hopefully, we’ll continue to give you good quality the best we can as we do at our anime division. Let’s hope this year rocks. Let’s also hope we get vol. 3 of that Tony series finally. It’s taking for fucking ever!!

We’ll upload all our old releases on torrents again soon. Also, you can get all releases off Disk bot in IRC channel.

Haruka 1-3 h264
Haruka 1-3 xvid
Tony 1-2 h264
Tony 1-2 xvid

Direct downloads
Tony 1 h264
Tony 2 h264
Tony 1 Xvid
Tony 2 Xvid
Haruka 1 h264
Haruka 2 h264
Haruka 3 h264
Haruka 1 xvid
Haruka 2 xvid
Haruka 3 xvid